The Victorian Government and Pinewood Primary School are committed to implementing the recommendations of the recent Betrayal of Trust report aimed at protecting all children from abuse and neglect.

Please access the following document to read our Commitment to Child Safety.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

What Parents and Carers can do to Protect Children from Abuse

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Complaints Policy

Digital Learning Policy

Inclusion & Diversity Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Personal Property Policy

Respect For School Staff Policy

Statement of Values / School Philosophy

Visitors Policy

Volunteers Policy

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Camps and Excursions Policy

Aboriginal Learning, Wellbeing and Safety

CSS Risk Management

Duty of Care Policy

WWCC Procedure

Volunteers Induction Pack


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