At Pinewood Primary every student is encouraged to actively participate in the extensive range of musical opportunities provided by the school. Apart from a weekly music lesson, students perform in major concerts, informal performances and our major musical production, which occurs in alternate years.


Our extensive collection of instruments allows for a wide variety of musical experiences in both the classroom program and extra-curricular ensembles. Some opportunities include:

  • recorder and ukulele ensembles including treble, tenor and bass recorders
  • marimba and percussion ensembles
  • senior and junior choirs
  • individual instrument instruction is available by an external provider for a fee


Performances, both formal and informal, are included on a regular basis. Repeated exposure to standing in front of an audience increases students’ confidence and enjoyment of the music program. Major concerts, which include every student from Prep to Year 6, occur twice a year and show-case the music program through dance, instrumental playing and singing. A highlight for the Pinewood community is our choral musical event held at the end of the year.

School Production

Our 2017 whole school musical production, The Lion King Jr, allowed every student to develop skills in expressive movement, confidence and performance at our major dance, drama and musical event. This year we will be performing The Wizard of Oz (Young Performers Edition).