Teaching & Learning

In Prep (AusVELS Foundation), we aim to provide a nurturing and safe environment that is engaging and supportive, with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy learning.Read More

In Year 1 & 2 (AusVELS Level 1 & 2), located within flexible learning spaces, we aim to challenge and motivate the students to become independent learners.Read More

In Year 3 and 4 (AusVELS Level 3 & 4) we continue to encourage the development of independent learning. With guidance, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.Read More

In Year 5 & 6 (AusVELS Level 5 & 6) students continue to develop their independent learning skills and work habits.Read More

Reading Recovery is a research-based early literacy intervention. It aims to help children develop reading and writing skills at an accelerated rate so that they develop greater independence and can function more successfully in the classroom setting.Read More

Extending Mathematical Understandings is a Maths Intervention program offered to grade one students.Read More

The Pinewood Library Resource Centre was upgraded in 2011 as part of the Australian government's Building the Education Revolution (BER) program.Read More

At Pinewood Primary School, every child is encouraged to participate actively in Music. Every class has a weekly music session and all Grade 4 students learn to play the recorder.Read More

At Pinewood Primary School, our aim is to deliver an exciting and engaging Visual Arts Program that enables students to develop skills, techniques and processes.Read More

At Pinewood PS, we have a well resourced Health and Physical Education Program. The program is inclusive of the school and local community.Read More

The language offered to Prep - 6 students is Indonesian. As part of the Indonesian program students are involved in language and cultural activities, incursions and excursions.Read More