At Pinewood Primary School, every child is encouraged to participate actively in Music. Every class has a weekly music session and all Grade 4 students learn to play the recorder.

In Grades 5 and 6 there are additional opportunities to continue with recorder, including playing the larger instruments (treble, tenor and bass recorders), marimba groups, choir and instrumental ensemble.

The school has a large collection of instruments to support the music program, including 4 marimbas (very large xylophones) which were made by children and parents at the school some years ago. A wide variety of percussion instruments are also available, including many drums, and a range of other melodic percussion such as xylophones.

From the earliest lessons, children are encouraged to sing and also to develop aural skills; the use of solfa and handsigns throughout the class program helps them to adjust their voices, listen with awareness to different pitches, and also to understand musical notation.

Performances, both informal and formal, are included on a regular basis, so that children become accustomed to standing in front of an audience and can enjoy the experience. Major concerts and musical/theatre productions take place on alternate years, and the end of the year also brings a musical event for the whole family.

At Pinewood, Music has been shown to benefit children socially, cognitively, and emotionally, apart from its intrinsic value as a human activity.